Tayanja is a 100% black owned entity with six directors(80% woman shareholding). We come from a previously disadvantaged background, currently operating in Protea Glen extension 6,8,10,12,14,16 serving 7016 households, 4 schools 12 churches and more than 60 small businesses

We offer:


  • street cleaning
  • illegal dumping
  • litter picking
  • separation source
  • awareness

The company has worked in the area for more than a year therefore creating a huge awareness and strong ties with community organisations, businesses, churches, schools, and the community at large.





We use the monthly plan for all areas, Monday and Tuesday we are scheduled to work in extension 12 and 14, this includes litter picking, these areas combined cover 8.94 kilometres when done in two days with ten employees.



On Wednesday we work in extensions 6,7&10 combined however it’s worth mentioning that this area is growing slowly with new houses already mushrooming in ext. 10 in particular. The area combined covers 4.41 killometres in total to clean. Thursday's and Friday's are mostly scheduled for cleaning in ext. 16[Glen ridge] and we cover 21.13 kilometres with 13 employees. Deployment depends on the level of cleanliness.





We have daily, weekly and monthly plans for education, ranging from door to door distribution of pamphlets, presentations in meetings etc.



Our Eco guides are deployed around the areas in line with the same plan above, they distribute bags and invest time in reminding, educating and therefore assisting the company in building a strong relationship with communities. They also help us  keep our data up to date because of our strong relationship with community organisations,in particular the Local Community Development Forum [LCDF], that is in alliance with many small businesses.


They have since joined hands with Tayanja, Absa Bank and the trolley scavengers "Omagereza" informal collectors. This alliance will help increase tonnage education and employment in the area. Tayanja chairperson is also a chairperson of this alliance that is aimed at increasing collection not only in our area but around Soweto and eventually province and the country.



We are engaging the Lesotho embassy because most of these informal trolley collectors are Lesotho nationals and we want to bring the Lesotho embassy in for a long term plan that will benefit our alliance and therefore our country.



There is work done in trying to engage a company called HULAMIN; we want to explore the possibility of a temporal partnership where we can increase our knowledge and planning for Tayanja entering the space as independent collector and manufacture of aluminium, the principle is to 'think future think aluminium'



A very good deal with Jozi FM  advertising team is ready to be signed by Tayanja and its deal that will put both Tayanja and the project sponsor in the minds of Soweto people and not only that, but it will also increase awareness amongst "Sowetans"



We are still not satisfied with the participation from households, but we believe getting our people on board is not an event but a process engagement in trying to find one another.





We are using Pikitup to remove heavy duty dumping, we maintain the cleanliness weekly and we also work hard at rehabilitating the area


In rehabilitating the area we invite the community, schools and churches etc. because we want the community to put in effort and feel responsible for the place.